Happy Memorial Day


I love that picture. There’s pure, youthful enthusiasm and joy in it. And I use it as the banner for today, Memorial Day, because men and women the world over had dedicated their lives in service to this country to ensure that children- like the one pictured above- have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is my custom to write a long tribute to our servicemen and women, but as Geoffrey Chaucer said in A Knight’s Tale:

Days like this are far to rare to cheapen with heavy-handed words.

Wherever you find yourself today- whether it’s at a barbeque or soaking up rays poolside or attending a community parade, take a moment and remember the countless people who have sacrificed all to give you the freedom to enjoy this day and all the rest, too.

To those who’ve served, I thank you.

Flander’s Field

This post gives the history behind how Memorial Day became Memorial Day in the United States.

Memorial Day

It’s not a history of the day, but this post is a wonderful reminder why today is so important for every American.


This is a post for Veteran’s Day, but the sentiments in it translate to today as well. It’s a moving post, so have a tissue handy.

One More…

Another Remembrance Day post, but well worth the read, as it reminds us what commitments we have made and why they are of eternal significance.