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The Legalities are definitely Not One of my favorite things...

However, it is an important prerequisite mandated by law to protect both you and me. (Though that reality is comforting on a certain level, it still did not make the three days of research and re-writes any more fun.) C’est la vie! Please take a moment to read through my Terms and Conditions of Use for Whiskers on Kittens. (I apologize for the amount of subsequent legal jargon, but I have, as yet, been unable to master a conversational tone while enumerating the various legal vagaries I am bound to and covered by.) 

Terms and Conditions of Use:

Whiskers on Kittens, and the Content therein, belongs to Eirene Ritznore (‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘owner,’ ‘author’). Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully. By using this Website, including its Content, you (‘user,’ ‘subscriber,’ ‘visitor,’ ‘viewer’) agree to the Terms and Conditions as they appear. If you are uncomfortable with any of the terms laid out herein, you should cease use of this website immediately. 

Be advised that I reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Any changes will appear on this page. 


All Content found on Whiskers on Kittens, which includes words, images, graphics, photographs, multimedia, and any other information and intellectual property, whether registered or unregistered, is my property, protected in accordance with United States intellectual property laws. 

No content may be used, duplicated, republished, or distributed without my written consent. Unauthorized use of any of my Content is a violation of these Terms and Conditions. 

Feel free to share any blog posts or articles from Whiskers on Kittens so long as you hyperlink back to this website for credit purposes. If you wish to utilize any portion of my blog posts, please contact me at [email protected]

As the internet is perpetually changing, you may come across a link on this website that may have changed. I take no responsibility for the variableness of the web information I have shared from a third party.

User Conditions:

All user comments are post-moderated. I strive to foster a conversational and convivial atmosphere on Whiskers on Kittens. I reserve the right to edit and/or remove comments that do not comply with the friendly atmosphere I am trying to facilitate- spam, questionable spam, crass or hateful speech or language or tone that I deem offensive, et. al. 

Privacy Statement:

While using Whiskers on Kittens, you may be prompted to submit personally identifiable information- your name or your email address- for the purpose of leaving a comment or subscribing to my email list. 

I prize personal privacy highly; therefore, I will not sell, share, or distribute in any form your personal information with any third party providers without your consent.

You may subscribe or opt in for my email newsletter. This means you consent to receive emails regarding blog updates or event information from Whiskers on Kittens. Subscription is completely voluntary. However, this Website utilizes vendor service providers, such as an outside vendor for my email newsletter (Mailchimp). Providers such as this require access to your personal information, but will only utilize it at my discretion and in full accordance with this Policy. At any time, you may opt out of my email newsletter by selecting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email I send. If there is any difficulty in unsubscribing, you may contact me at [email protected].

In order to leave a comment, you must provide your name and email address. In doing this, it is understood that you are giving consent for your comment and your information (your name) to appear on this website. However, the personal information you voluntarily provide will not be shared with any third parties. The purpose of providing this particular information is to allow me to better communicate with you. I use personal information to contact my visitors in answer to questions/concerns. I am not liable for actions taken by any other individuals (blog commenters) on the information that you have voluntarily shared. 

Whiskers on Kittens links to my various other outside social media accounts. If you interact with me on any of these forums, it is done in a public sphere and in accordance with the terms of those sites. 

Please be advised that I reserve the right to update or change any portion of this Policy. All updates and changes will be posted to this page. 

If you do not agree with the Policy, you reserve the right to not participate.


Whiskers on Kittens and any material found on the website is ‘as is,’ meaning that it is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I make no warranties, express or implied, and disclaim all other warranties including with respect to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, fitness for a particular purpose, implied warranties/responsibilities of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property and violation of rights. 

Furthermore, Whiskers on Kittens makes no warranty and takes no responsibility for the accuracy, potential results, or reliability of the use of material on this website or relating otherwise to such material or any sites linked to from this site. I am providing no medical, legal, or professional advice in any way. The topics discussed on Whiskers on Kittens are my opinion only. Any information you read or enact, you do at your own risk. 

I am in no way responsible for my advertisers or sponsors. If you make a purchase of a product or service from a link on this site, you must contact them should any issues arise, not me. 

Letter to the Editor:

Any comments, whether on Whiskers on Kittens or on any of my social media accounts, or emails sent to me may be used, whole or in portion, in blog posts, newsletters, or up and coming books unless otherwise requested. 

Thank you...

for visiting my blog and actually reading through these Terms and Conditions (as it really was a labor intensive process to write them, more so than with my blog posts, which while labor intensive, have never actually made me want to pull my teeth out). Please be advised that the rest of Whiskers on Kittens is more bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens than legalistic tedium. I hope you enjoy your time exploring the blog!