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Greetings, fellow cool cats! Welcome to Whiskers on Kittens, my blog about a few of my favorite things. Feel free to be curious, as cats are known to be, and explore my content. Meet my feline family, peruse my blog articles, and, hopefully, have a good laugh or two; laughter is definitely one of my favorite things. 


Mi Feline Familia

Meet the felines who somewhat inspired the title of this blog. The eldest, pictured in the black and white photo above, is Geordie MacPuff, Thane of Cottontown. Weighing a whopping 18 pounds, Geordie is entitled to his beknighted status. (Not to mention that he carries himself with a certain baronial air.)

The next additions to our family came five years after Geordie. They are a triumvirate: two twin boys- Clawdius and Purrseus- and a girl- The Lady Fiona, or affectionately called The Lady Gray, as she's all gray, even her nose. They were abandoned in a box at the side of the road. When we took them in, they were teeny little kittens, barely weened. Now, they are full grown, each in possession of a large frame. The smallest cat of the three, Fiona, weighs 13 pounds. 

Our tiniest cat, Zucchini, found her way here eight months after the triumvirate joined our ranks. On a balmy July night, Zucchini showed up- emaciated and quite vocal about it- on our back deck. We opened the sliding glass door and she waltzed right into the house, and, from there, it was a short dance straight into our hearts. She's somewhat exotic. Our vet swears she has Abyssinian blood in her. Judging from her dislike of the cold weather months, when she huddles in front of the fire or heater respectively, we're inclined to agree with him. (Sometimes we hear her singing Toto in her feline voice- I bless the rains down in Africa.)

Then there is our final feline, Idgy, named for the Bee Charmer in Fried Green Tomatoes. The October after Zucchini came, we noticed a black and white cat hanging around our property. She was deathly thin. (Honestly, her face looked like it had been folded in half.) My husband decided that it wouldn't hurt to put a cup of food out for her. She inhaled the food. The next day, we put out another cup. Then another. Then the weather became inclement, and my husband- telling me that I was not allowed to get attached- ended up bringing her into the house in a large travel kennel. Now she runs all over the house, enjoys day trips in the yard, playing with bumbles bees, and always checking to see that her food bowl has food in it, regardless of whether she's hungry or not.