ANSWERED: Levidrome Cryptic Clues


On Monday, I handed you a mission, one which many of you chose to accept. Via social media, I had all sorts of answers coming in for the Levidrome Cryptic Clues I dished out. Today, the answers are here! (If you missed the quiz, head back to this post to test your wits before reading any of the answers.)

A reminder: Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to answer as many of these Levidrome Cryptic Clues as you can. If you think you have one or more than one or all of them (if you have all of them, then kudos to you because some of these left me scratching my noggin), leave your answers in the comments below. 

From Lucky Budd’s Twitter feed: 


I’m in need of something to help fasten…

Hmm? What do you do when you fasten something? What do you fasten together? Well, if you said you use a strap to fasten some parts together than you are in the right department. LEVIDROME: STRAP - PARTS

The boxer staggered after the punch, then ogled the referee…

If you're not into pugilism, this one might have had you stumped. But, if you answered with a punch that causes a boxer to reel and then leer at the ref, well, then you're bang on. LEVIDROME: REEL - LEER


Plunder with a hammer…

My husband is a great lover of tools. So, I confess, this one was a tad easy for me. If you envisioned a Viking taking loot with his tool, then you nailed this clue. LEVIDROME: LOOT - TOOL

He did not do a good job marking his Bingo card…

I'll confess, this Levidrome Cryptic Clue had me thinking pretty hard. But, if you're quicker on the uptake than I am, you might have surmised that reams of Bingo cards have been destroyed by stamps that smear. LEVIDROME: REAMS - SMEAR


Libation for the royal wedding…

How many of you watched the Royal Wedding at Windsor? Well, this Levidrome Cryptic Clue was definitely inspired by those recent nuptials. However, while a good lager is a regal thing, I still think champagne flowed more than beer. But, then again, what would I know? LEVIDROME: LAGER - REGAL

Ben Affleck’s BFF walks to earth…

If you're not a movie watcher, my apologies for this one. But, I do enjoy a great many films. Amongst those is Good Will Hunting. And, if you've watched Good Will Hunting, then you know that Matt Damon is Ben Affleck's BFF, although, I never really saw him as much of a nomad. LEVIDROME: DAMON - NOMAD


Portrait with a pencil of the father on Leave It To Beaver...

This may have been a bit of a stretch back for some of you, dear readers, but I do think they run Leave It To Beaver episodes on some channels on cable. Regardless, the father of Beaver is Ward Cleaver (sink me, but that rhymes). I wonder if an artist would draw a portrait of Ward on the golf course or at the dinner table. LEVIDROME: DRAW - WARD

Seinfeld’s neighbor has a comment for you…

Being a transplanted New Yorker, I do love this Levidrome Cryptic Clue. Seinfeld is a good slice of NYC. And, I always loved to watch Kramer remark on his random of observances. LEVIDROME: KRAMER - REMARK


Marcallus Wallace's wife points to the target...

Pulp Fiction fans out there, this one's for you. Remeber Wallace's wife's name? Well, if you thought Mia, then your aim is spot on. LEVIDROME: MIA - AIM

The Greek god of thunder likes canals...

With all the shenanigans Zeus got up to, I'm pretty sure he had very little to do with the actual digging of the Suez. He seems the sort to enjoy watching workers toil from his cumulus perch on Mount Olympus. LEVIDROME: ZEUS - SUEZ


The #levidrome of this Canadian skater's first name is a synonym for her last name...

I really loved this one. Brush up on your skating history. Recall Canadian pairs skating. One pair in particular. They won golds in both the 2010 and 2018 Olympics. Still don't know it? Well, that's okay. It took me a bit of mental digging to remember, too. But Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have an asset on the ice when it comes to ice dancing. LEVIDROME: TESSA - ASSET

The poet was quite lacklustre...

Hmm... lacklustre poets? Sounds like the piffle I've tried to write. But, when I think of the Bard, I can't imagine anything drab. Can you? LEVIDROME: BARD - DRAB

This one is a particular favorite of mine:


Muhammed Ali’s best rhymes before a practice fight…

Maybe it harkens back to my Anatomy and Figure Drawing classes in college when my professor had us watch documentaries about Muhammed Ali and the way he moved, but this Levidrome Cryptic Clue really got me excited. It could also be because I, too, fight, though I have a ways to go before I truly float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. If you got as excited as I did with this clue, and you envisioned Ali's raps while he and his partner spar, then you've landed the right blow... I mean, answer. LEVIDROME: RAPS - SPAR

From LC Plaunt’s Twitter feed:


An irate man pounding sand… (This one was a tough one for me. Hint: it has to do with a sport.)

Once this Levidrome Cryptic Clue was solved, I felt like a complete fool. The answer was SOOO easy. However, perhaps you saw the obvious more readily than I and knew the answer was a golfer who hit his ball into a sand trap on the golf course and proceeded to flog the sand in protest of his poor putt. LEVIDROME: GOLF - FLOG

From Leticia M. Trower’s feed: 


Cam Newton dances poorly…

Football fans, particularly those of the Carolina Panthers, probably knew this one early on. Cam Newton does do a bad dab. Whether you chose to view bad in its classical definition of poorly or in the more modern colloquial of awesome is completely up to you. LEVIDROME: BAD -DAB

From Robert Thompson’s Twitter feed:


Is bottled water to be trusted? 

Does anyone else feel naivë when it comes to Evian, too? After Robert came up with this Levidrome Cryptic Clue, I know I did. LEVIDROME: NAIVË - EVIAN

Now, here’s a few I came up with:


These Knights love the Huskers…

Any of my readers from Nebraska? Well, if you are, then you know this to be true: Nebraskans take their college football very seriously. So seriously that I'm certain the Knights of Aksarben cheer exclusively for the Nebraska Corn Huskers. LEVIDROME: AKSARBEN - NEBRASKA

If the Hoover busts, people will be livid…

I threw this Levidrome Cryptic Clue out there on Twitter and heard back from a few people that they thought I was referring to a vacuum cleaner. I'm not. It's the Hoover Dam I'm talking about, and if it busts I'm certain the people will be damn mad. How's that for some linguistic fun? Levidromes and Homophones. LEVIDROME: DAM - MAD


That prima donna is eager for attention…

Whenever I see the phrase prima donna, I immediately think of Carlotta from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. Carlotta was indeed a diva who was avid for a plethora of attention. LEVIDROME: DIVA - AVID

A hostile contention can leave one chaffed...

Yeah. I bet. War can really leave you feeling raw. LEVIDROME: WAR - RAW

When mom is in a bad one, it can mean the end of the world…

Wiser words were never spoken. If mom's in a bad mood, it could mean your doom. LEVIDROME: MOOD - DOOM


Noisome flies drown in this astronaut’s beverage…

This might be a throwback, but if you watched Down With Love, then you'll know that astronauts purportedly drank Tang exclusively. It was their beverage of choice. Although, I wonder if a gnat ever founds its way into outer space. LEVIDROME: TANG - GNAT

To rebuke a couch potato…

How many of you remember your mom chastising you for being a layabout lump? Well, now that I'm grow I know how to rebut her. What else is a couch tuber supposed to do? It's rooted to one place and it only has eyes. (Too corny?) LEVIDROME: REBUT - TUBER 

Now, these two clues have the same answer. Since the one from Diane M Schuller’s Twitter feed had me stumped for a while, I’m giving all y’all a double clue. 


Here’s Diane’s:

I thought about it a lot and finally figured out what we need to ride the rails.

And here’s the second clue:

Intelligent people take public transportation…

Hopefully that two pronged attack helped you deduce the answer. And if you did, then you must be a person who travels by way of the trams because that's what smart people do. LEVIDROME: TRAMS - SMART 

So, dear readers, did you enjoy the Levidrome Cryptic Clues Challenge? If you did, head over to Twitter and follow @lucky_budd and @daily_levidrome to get more where these came from. Actually, there's a new challenge afoot, but just as we all must wait for July in order to see what new impossible mission looms before Ethan Hunt, you all will have to wait for the next levidrome post to learn more about it. 

And, if you’re feeling intrepid- like Ethan Hunt- see if you can riddle us with a few of your own. It’s fun brain teaser, isn’t it? Having gone through all those clues, are there any clues you'd like to try out on us? Leave your clue in the comments below and we'll take a crack at it. 

Post Script: Get a load of this photo of a feline admiring a regal lager actually named LEVIDROME.