Something New Is Coming!


Back in June, I said I was going to be having a very hectic, busy month and would be curtailing my blog posts to once a week on Wednesdays in order to accommodate my shifting schedule. Well, dear readers, a simple perusal of the lack of posts since June will attest that the old proverbial of the best laid plans of mice and men is bang on. Mine went awry, indeed.

However, I have good reason for the summer hiatus. I’ve been working on a new project. Something completely out of my ordinary. Something that has consumed not only my time, but also my energy and almost all my planning skills.

Now, with the much needed break, I’m ready to share this new project with you all, dear readers.


Meet our little man who will be making his debut in late January 2020. (Every time that I write that, I think it sounds delightfully futuristic).

These last few months have consisted of traveling, meeting with family members scattered around the country, and lots and lot of naps. With September in full swing and school in session regardless of what part of the country you find yourself in, I’m ready to put my nose back to the grind stone and crank out some writing. I’ve missed it terribly.

I’m going with the goal of six posts a month so that I have flexibility of schedule in order to continue my book writing and make room for the demands on my schedule from midwifery appointments and various other baby related events. But I’ve missed you all, dear readers, and I’m looking forward to sharing books, movies, music, and a few of our other favorite things together.

And because the Great American Songbook has a song for every occasion, I invite you to celebrate this little bundle of joy with my family with this hit tune from The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Music by Matt Dennis, lyrics by Frank Kilduff, sung by Jo Stafford:

Little Man with the Candy Cigar